11–15 Nov 2009


Five evenings, Nov 11-15, 8-11 pm
Performa 2009
White Slab Palace, back room
77 Delancey Street, NY, NY 10002

Charlemagne Palestine, performance at Cíte De La Musique, Paris, 2008

When the flugelhorn blasts, you may only talk about bear’s milk.

THE PROMPT is a conceptual social club under the influence Futurist variety theater. Cues and propositions are offered each night in the form of conversation pieces, rules, performances and soundtracks, transforming this destination into a pressure cooker for ideas and intimacies.

Participating artists: Rita Ackermann, Fia Backström, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Joan Juliet Buck & Cassie Terman, Joshua Kit Clayton, Patrick Cleandenim, Dexter Sinister, Mark Dion, Sylvie Fleury, Joseph Grigely, Jamie Hook, Rashid Johnson, Gabriel Lester, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Momus & Aki Sasamoto, Patrick Meagher, Haley Mellin, Ian Monk (OULIPO), Charlemagne Palestine, Adam Pendleton, Falke Pisano, R.H. Quaytman, Jimmy Raskin, Lucy Raven, Gavin Russom, Dana Sherwood, Dina Sieden, Guy Richards Smit, Mindy Vale & Danny McDonald, Ben Vautier, Marianne Vitale, Reggie Watts, Robert Wilson, and more.

Curated by Sarina Basta and Michael Portnoy. Co-produced by Chris Martino and Mary Rinebold.

Aki Sasamoto, The Prompt, Performa 09, 2009

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