Early 2010


White Slab Palace
77 Delancy Street @ Allen Street

A series of performance, film, and interruption. This series works with artists as producers, inviting artists, dancers, writers and students to define new containers for programming and presenting artists work. The experiment involved a talk, a film series, and performances. The series combines the educational with the improvisational and experimental. The series include:

Artist Wafaa Bilal in conversation with writer Ashley Rawlings, curated by Arturo Vidich.

Ashley Rawlings, Wafaa Bilal, You should have been here an hour ago, 2010


A Screening of Short Films

Mel Brooks, The Critic, 1963

Kunstverein NY presents an evening of short films by a contingent of intergenerational artists, filmmakers, and directors: Mel BrooksMaliea CroyKathryn GarciaAnthony GravesTom JarmuschAndres LaracuenteDana LevyMarie LosierGuy MaddinShana Moulton,Sterling RubyJustin Swinburne, and J. Patrick Walsh. Co-organized with Natalie Labriola. The films selected for the present screening produce an alternate eye for the audience with the camera, and as such resemble gestures in Vertov’s masterpiece The Man With the Movie Camera (1929). Shifting between systems of surveillance, agency, and narrative, or even disposing of the camera-eye relationship altogether, these films create a situation where the subjects’ identities are realized through looking.


You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago… Organized by Arturo Vidich

Yves Laris Cohen, You should have been here an hour ago, 2010

To start-off the series on February 28, performance artist Arturo Vidich assumes the role of curator for an evening with Bettina Atala, Alejandro Crawford, and Yve Laris Cohen. This inaugural evening intends to reconstitute conventional narrative movements found in conversation, film, performance, poetry, and television.

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