29–30 Sept, 2010


By the invitation of Performa, Kunstverein NY presented THE PROMPT and TABLEAUX VIVANTS for the occasion of the Transart Festival, and the opening of the Free University of Bolzano.

At the Free University of Bolzano, Piazza Università 1 Bolzano, Italy
29 Sep, 2010, 8:00 PM

Hotel Greif, Piazza Walther 1, Bolzano, Italy
30 Sep, 2010, 7:00 PM

Alterezoni Video, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

The new workshops at the Free University of Bolzano open with a series of TABLEAUX VIVANTS, an art form somewhere between theatre and painting, motion and stillness, history and imagination.  Residing between performance and statics, tableaux vivants have become the ideal medium for art that reflects itself and its history. Amidst the rushing of today’s fast media, this art form brings the gesture, the facial expression, the clothing and the costume sharply into focus. They showcase man as doer even when he is standing still. A “conceptual social club” called The Prompt create a series of mini-universes out of minimalist and exaggerated individuals and landscapes. The night culminates with DJs and electronic music.  With Alterazioni Video, Danai Anesiadou, Pete Drungle, Gabriel Lester, Kalup Linzy, Michael Portnoy, Aki Sasamoto, and Reggie Watts.

Reggie Watts with Ieva Miseviciute, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

A common interest in Dadaism and Futuristic variety theatre was the impetus for the founding of the “conceptual social club” called THE PROMPT at the 2009 Performa Festival in New York. The group will reunite for Transart 10, presenting cabaret moments, readings, performances, screenings and musical presentations at the Hotel Grieft.  With Alterazioni Video, Danai Anesiadou, Pete Drungle, Sylvie Fleury, Gabriel Lester, Kalup Linzy, Ian Monk (OULIPO), Adam Pendelton, Falke Pisano, Michael Portnoy, Aki Sasamoto, and Reggie Watts.

Gabriel Lester with dancers, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

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