April 1 - 17

Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city)

Myriam Lefkowitz is an artist and choreographer.

Kunstverein is pleased to announce her visit to New York from April 1-17, 2013,  with Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city).To take a walk with her, please mail talkeawalk@gmail.com to set up a time…

(20$ suggested donation)*********

So where were you ?

In essen. For 7 weeks.

To do what ? 
To walk. We got selected from the NRW Kultur Bureau, the Tanz research program.

Are you back now ?

Kind of. I mean, I guess we are. Physically. Though it takes more and more time for me to get back entirely. But as we are now writing from a Parisian desk, collecting and selecting notes from Essen, let’s say, yes, we are back.

Hey do you have any idea of how you get to Essen? No.

Have you googled Essen yet? No.


like upside down.

Ah. far further I see…

I was wandering what could happen if we looked at a city from an upside down point of view.
Like if you turn a city upside down or if you turn yourself up side down or both?

Well one or the other because if you turn both upside down it all comes back to normal. So I guess, it will be one and then the other or one and another and visa versa.

Ah. And your “plan” was to walk right? Right.

So this upside down shift of perception may happen while walking ? But I mean, can you really do that? Or is it just some kind of poetical thing that you enjoy saying?

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