Kunstverein NY is pleased to announce a new website, including an online Documents residency, and a News section intervened by poet Todd Colby.


Documents will be guest edited by a different individual or group for set duration, in the style of an online residency. Some materials will have been previously published in print, other works will be conceived specifically for the website.

THE COMPLETE FRAGMENTS, 2011, Roger van Voorhees

Poet Roger van Voorhees, inaugural resident in Documents, will add materials in sequence over the course of two months, coinciding with a series of performances and readings he has organized at New York’s Emily Harvey Foundation. Also in Documents, permanent columns include postings by Carson Salter, The Shipping Forecast by Sarah Françoise, and re-published literary and visual interventions recommended by the Kunstverein NY community.

The new Kunstverien NY website was designed by Goda Budvytyte and Simone Koller, developed by Gregory Fong, and coordinated by Carson Salter. Documents and @kunstvereinNY is curated and edited by Kunstverien NY.

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