9 Jan 2010


Saturday, January 9th, 2010, 3pm – 6pm
On view from January 9th-February 6th, 2010
Silver Shed, 119 West 25th Street, PH
New York, NY 10001

Michael Smith, "Afternoon Tea," 2010

AFTERNOON TEA with Aki Sasamoto & Michael Smith

Kunstverein NY is pleased to present its new membership cards by Michael Smith, with a signing by the artist, and a conversation between Aki Sasamoto and Ashley Rawlings.

In support of Kunstverein NY’s activities, Michael Smith signed a limited edition of membership cards sold for $10 each.

Aki Sasamoto, part of the Performa 09 series THE PROMPT, and a participant in the upcoming 2010 Whitney Biennial, gave a talk about her work and recollections of her recent performance, in conversation with writer Ashley Rawlings.



Kunstverein NY presents material from THE PROMPT at Silver Shed, from January 9th to February 6th.

Organized for Performa 09, The Prompt hosted a series of performances, films, rules, sculptures, soundtracks, and reflexive actions over five nights. Giving thought to how performance can be documented, remnants and footage from the five evenings will be presented during The Morning After. Menus, behavioral cues, objects of conversation, backdrops, costumes, and documentation will be on view. Remnants of works and partial objects are featured from the following artists: Rita Ackermann, Mark Dion, Rashid Johnson, Joseph Grigely, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Haley Mellin, Ian Monk of OULIPO, PLaAD, Lucy Raven, Aki Sasamoto, Dana Sherwood, Dexter Sinister, Mindy Vale & Danny McDonald, Adam Pendleton, Falke Pisano,  R.H. Quaytman,  Marianne Vitale & Pete Drungle, and Robert Wilson.  Warning: there are very few artworks in this exhibition!

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