The 5 most significant changes. General.

As a requirement a middle college degree is needed, ie a minimum of 10 years of elementary education. A 9-year-old higher school in conjunction with a helper coaching is possible. The training is developed to enable z u r care of persons of all ages in all areas of care. The job title is “nurse” or “care professional”. There is a “quasi-dual training” that requires place in schools and corporations. The training is carried out for one of the most part, the carrier to which the instruction contract has been concluded (= coaching mode). The degree is automatically recognized across the EU.

New: Achievable specialization soon after two years.All trainees start out generalist (two years). For the third year, students can opt for to continue to strive for the generalist degree or vocational qualification “Caregiver / in” or “health and pediatric nurses / in” (no automatic EU-wide recognition). The rewriting essays previous overall health and health-related care no longer exists. For the specialization, the trainees four months and at least 6 months will need to decide before the third year of instruction generally. Six years after the begin of Generalistik, so in 2026, is seen: How a number of have chosen the generalist degree? Then the parliament will make a decision when once more: Will the financial statements elderly care and well being and pediatric care continue to exist?New: conditional tasks for the care


For the first time define conditional tasks for nurses. This involves the collection and determination from the will need for care, the organization of care requires too because the evaluation and quality assurance.Financing.The instruction is free of charge for all students. There has to be an sufficient remuneration paid. Funding is provided through PAYG. In the state level, there is compensation fund for coaching. Payers are commonly a percentage as previously involved. There’s no cap around the variety of trainees.

Higher Vocational College.A primary qualifying high college education at Bachelor level with state examination for the specialist license is potential. The access situation is university with college or an equivalent qualification according to national law. The duration of the high college education is (unabridged) no less than 3 years. There is no training contract and any claim for compensation. The financing is as much as the countries. The job title is: “nurse” or “care professional” in connection with all the degree (B.A. or B.Sc.).Source: Presentation in the Capital Congress 2017: “The nursing profession Act – new perspectives for the care,” Dr. Matthias von Schwanenflügel, Head of the Division. Demographic adjust, Elderly, welfare within the Federal Ministry of Loved ones Affairs, Berlin.