University rheinmain library. The copying service consists of 4 interconnected copiers, which will be put to use by any student RheinMain University.

These 4 copiers are located at three web pages.Campus Wiesbaden Kurt-Schumacher-Ring:Creating A, close to the student union office to the proper space A 110 Creating D, in plotter space (EC right gear, initially door on the correct)Rüsselsheim campus on Brückweg:Creating E, close to the student council office in Area E 2ndNew registration / registration.Send an e-mail with no text or topic for the address If you need, you possibly can at this point currently been a PDF document to attach, which you might would like to have it printed. You’ll acquire an answer in no time using a PIN quantity which you can log on for the copiers within the future you. Try to remember it nicely with you! Login a copier of the decision utilizing the PIN quantity. Here you are able to open jobs listings, check your balance, and also possibly with vouchers recharge. Your e-mail address is now stored together together with the new PIN number in our technique. Use please print jobs from right here ideally usually the exact same e-mail address, you may have also signed up with. Otherwise you get otherwise only a brand new PIN and a new account assigned.

registrations are also conceivable around the workplace employees of your student council offices in Wiesbaden capstone education group and Rüsselsheim. Please note opening occasions!Recharging credit.As a way to print one thing around the copier or copy, you will need credit. This you can actually charge workplace student council with any amount in.Use / functions.There’s lots of functions that you simply can make use of the copy services. Here, the technique constantly communicates together with your e-mail address that you just have made use of for registration.If you’d like to print something, you will need your document very first sent to the copier. This it is possible to do in two approaches:Conveniently by way of e-mail to with no topic and text. Just add only the document added as an attachment. The document is conveyed to our method and you will get then to a copier of your option log in and print straight without having to separately bring one thing. Please use this the identical e-mail address with which you also need to register yourself, otherwise you get a brand new PIN as well as a new account supplied. A USB stick. Each copier has, by means of which you can actually print documents and a USB port. Login to a copier of the decision, insert the USB stick a single, accomplished.

Note: Our printers can print PDF documents ONLY. Word files of an additional file type, pictures or documents are not admitted.You can also reproduce by you place a copy of documents. When copying you place a document in the input tray and choose “Copy”, plus the preferred quantity. Bear in mind that copying, just like printing, credit charges, as is consumed in copying ink and paper.In case you have a document at hand, which you’d prefer to prefer to digitize, you can also scan the document for the copier. Place this document in the input tray, and pick “Scan”. You are able to use the document following either one brought USB stick, or perhaps send it to yourself via e-mail! This functions automatically as you address e-mail are registered within the program with yours.By far the most standard errors.1. The printer displays no open jobs.Be sure that you need to print a document that is stored in PDF format. All other sorts of printers can not use. Have you sent the print job in the identical e-mail, you will have also signed up with? In case you have one more e-mail made use of the document to send, then extracting a new account is produced for this print job since the e-mail address the program is not identified. Then once you sign in along with your usual PIN will be logically to be located no job there.2. The printer prints strange error messages.Standing on the message of “ERROR: Mac”, the PDF document was almost certainly created on an Apple laptop. Apple uses internally slightly older PDF conventions that our program regrettably can not handle. To resolve this problem, save your document in place of a Windows Computer within the PDF format (which you’ll be able to do as an example within the library), or use a PDF converter online. When the message “ERROR: pdfconv”, then your PDF document was just also terrific. Lower the file size or attempt to save documents single extremely sizeable document into smaller ones.three. My situation is not listed right here.We on a regular basis function just this around the systems and improvements. Nonetheless, it might even be anything that not even notice us. When you discover an error or possess a issue which is not listed right here, please notify the student council office. Right here your challenge is passed on and speedily worked out a resolution as you can. Otherwise you possibly can leave you there around the spot advice and options.