universities. Stuttgart offers its universities and colleges teaching and investigation of international standing.

The range of study selections ranging in the technical for the musical and artistic education – each in public and in private educational institutions


Public universities.Seven public universities consist of the state capital Stuttgart. The educational institutions are situated all through the city. By far the largest university is definitely the University of Stuttgart with offices in the city center and Vaihingen.University of Stuttgart.As a specific profile of the majority of engineering and all-natural science-oriented University of Stuttgart University of Stuttgart networking belongs for the humanities and social sciences.Disciplines: engineering, mathematics, science, languages ??and cultural studies, economics and social sciences.Locations: Stuttgart-Mitte, Vaihingen


University of Hohenheim.The regular University of Hohenheim University of Hohenheim has probably the most spectacular campuses in Germany. are Registered students from over 100 nations.Disciplines: agricultural sciences, biology, nutrition and food sciences, economics and social sciences.Location: Plieningen.Media University (HDM)The Media University Media University trains specialists and all-rounders for the media world. It has two locations in Stuttgart.Specialties: Pressure plus the Media, Electronic Media, details and communication.Places: Vaihingen, Stuttgart-Nord.University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart (HFT)


1832 Winter school for builders, the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Stuttgart online doctorate in business administration no dissertation University of Applied Sciences today a wide selection of accredited undergraduate master’s degrees.Disciplines: architecture and style, civil engineering, physics, computer system science, mathematics, surveying, economics.Location: Stuttgart-Mitte.University of Music and Performing www.phddissertation.info Arts.The constructing of your University of Music and Performing Arts Academy of Music and Performing Arts was created by James Stirling and Michael Wilford. Beneath its roof it combines early music, classical and romantic, new and modern music, puppet theater, symphony, opera and theater, electronic music, jazz and organ.Disciplines: music, musicology and music education, speech, theater.Place: Stuttgart-Mitte.State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.As certainly one of the largest art schools in Germany, the Academy of Fine Arts provides Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart a wide array of study and coaching possibilities. She is committed to artistic innovation and sees itself as a testing ground for exemplary artistic perform inside the unity of research and teaching.Specialties: Architecture, Fine Art, Design and style and Art Theory / restoration.Location: Stuttgart-Nord.Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart.The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg (formerly Berufsakademie) realizes the close connection between theory and practice. The training takes place inside the continuous change in between theory phases in the university and vocational practical phases http://brown.edu/web/livestream/ in the provider or social institution.Disciplines: social function, engineering, economics.Place: Stuttgart-Mitte.Private colleges.In addition to public universities give lots of private educational institutions in Stuttgart to a broad range of courses. Also, lots of remote high schools have study centers in the state capital. We have compiled a collection of private educational institutions.