Computerized Collection of JLU.

How do you get as Department 11 (professional medical) employees access to the electronic digital catalogue in the College or university of Giessen.

At this point, for the accessibility unlocked via the local library programs JLU publications and directories existed (on the directories over a yellowish dot obvious). Is in the future a change occur, because the contracts for access to said electronic resources permit access only to members of JLU. However and Here Since the people fit in with the University or college Hospital resulting from privatization is not really the school, entry is obstructed by some libraries for these people. Needless to say, unaffected by all without restraint obtainable electric providers (databases and journals with a natural dot and the catalogs on the library program).

Members of the FB 11, for example Professor / in, the school team / inside as well as other people with college contract, are still individuals the College and permitted to find it. Towards the contractually necessary easy access limited to people in the FB 11 assure a specialized option has long been fitted. Members of the FB 11 can authenticate utilizing their well known identifiers (password and username GIFONET) in Gifonet Shortcut conversation around the decrease eventually left link “Electronic digital Library of the College or university” and gain access to the full selling of the catalogue technique.
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For those registered towards the domain GIFONET individual website link “GIFONET” is usually to start out the Quick way conversation around the pc.

For those who have set-up difficulties, please get in touch with our hotline (40177) can be acquired. If you count your estimation, to the members of the FB 11, but fails authentication, here you should also contact.

Should you using a no-stationed for the hospital personal computers require easy access (for dialing in by using modem, ISDN or DSL) is always to identify the link through the Gifonet Faster way dialogue too slow, simply because the profile of your termed internet browser each time new to the pc is replicated. On the other hand, the browser (Web Explorer, Firefox, and so on. ), a proxy be licensed with the even the access is permitted over the selection.

However, it must be noted that the call to Web pages with the proxy to internal pages is not possible. This is why, we recommend that either you use a internet browser parallel towards your default browser, or outline a user profile inside the web browser.

Whenever I use Net Explorer:

The installation of Firefox And setup.

In this article you are able to acquire the most current model of Firefox.

Just after setting up, you are making the proxy in Firefox you should right after environments to set up.

Connection Controls, decide on the “Guidebook proxy setup”.

There for a HTTP proxy ubproxy. Med. the label and enter the port 3128th

From then on, the direct link with the deal with need to http: //www. be feasible.

Once I use Online Explorer and Firefox:

Identify user profiles in Firefox.

You should configure the library access an extra profile if you already use Firefox. This goes as follows:

Near Primary all start windows from Firefox. Remember to confirm Jog “Per cent Process Data filesPer cent Mozilla Firefox firefox. Exe” -p and confirm with “acceptable”. Now the user profile supervisor ought to Firefox turn up. Now generate a new profile identified as “Catalogue Access” and remove then the catch “When you begin not check with. ”

Whenever the report manager will now look. Now choose the profile “Library Gain access to” you recently created and take there the next setting:

Connection Environments choose (over a Apple withEnvironments) the “Handbook proxy setup” where there.