Marcos Lutyens | K-tanglement

K-tanglement | September 14 2014 | New York, Milan, Toronto, Amsterdam

a multi-person, dual-bilocation
hypnosis event

On Sunday 14 September 2014, at 2pm in NYC and Toronto, and at 8pm in Milan and Amsterdam, a simultaneous hypnosis performance will be held under the glow of giant billboard screens in all four cities. This project by Marcos Lutyens investigates the possibilities of bridging space across time and sensing in multiple places at once.

Participants will be invited to listen to an audio file that enables them to enter a trance state in which their unconscious minds will be invited to dematerialize, decontextualize themselves from the surrounding branding, dissolve into color-based emotions, and finally develop a sense of simultaneous entanglement with participants in the other 3 cities.

Following on from and inspired by Lutyens’s “Color Therapy” project, which brings abstract visuals and sounds that counterbalance weather and social traffic flows at these 4 locations, K-tanglement is a project that seeks to decolonize the mind from the sense of unitary location. K-Tanglement is part of Lutyens’s ongoing research relating to speculative cognition as a way of opening up under-used neural circuits.

In order to participate in the event, please click on the link below and sign the release form. Further instructions about the audio file and the exact location will then follow.,-amsterdam,-milano,-new-york,-toronto,-2014.html#.VAc3C0jBfCZ

For any further questions, please contact: | +1 323 633-0494


Marcos Lutyens (London, 1964) has exhibited internationally, including at dOCUMENTA (13), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Royal Academy, the National Art Museum of China and many other museums and institutions. He has worked with various tools and approaches to explore
the processes of the mind.

Lutyens’ work with the mind has lead him to develop events and exhibits that reflect research with specific social or ethnic groups, such as the Muxhe from the Zapotec culture of Southern Mexico. Building on his investigations into consciousness and social dynamics, Lutyens has worked on large-scale projects that involve broad, global surroundings. Works include data tracking or feedback from pedestrian interactions, pollution and air quality levels, brain wave monitoring, animal communication and other dynamics that are generally invisible to the casual observer, and yet as important to us as the subjective processes of the inner mind.

Recent and upcoming projects include: a public performance at the Centre Georges Pompidou involving hypnosis, a solo show at the Alberta Pane Gallery, Paris, “Circatextian” at thingWorld: International Triennial of New Media Art 2014 National Art Museum of China. “Social Ether” at the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Italy, “4thWall” a performance and film at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Rockaway! Organized by MOMA PS1 in collaboration with the Honolulu Biennial.

April 1 - 17

Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city)

Myriam Lefkowitz is an artist and choreographer.

Kunstverein is pleased to announce her visit to New York from April 1-17, 2013,  with Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city).To take a walk with her, please mail to set up a time…

(20$ suggested donation)*********

So where were you ?

In essen. For 7 weeks.

To do what ? 
To walk. We got selected from the NRW Kultur Bureau, the Tanz research program.

Are you back now ?

Kind of. I mean, I guess we are. Physically. Though it takes more and more time for me to get back entirely. But as we are now writing from a Parisian desk, collecting and selecting notes from Essen, let’s say, yes, we are back.

Hey do you have any idea of how you get to Essen? No.

Have you googled Essen yet? No.


like upside down.

Ah. far further I see…

I was wandering what could happen if we looked at a city from an upside down point of view.
Like if you turn a city upside down or if you turn yourself up side down or both?

Well one or the other because if you turn both upside down it all comes back to normal. So I guess, it will be one and then the other or one and another and visa versa.

Ah. And your “plan” was to walk right? Right.

So this upside down shift of perception may happen while walking ? But I mean, can you really do that? Or is it just some kind of poetical thing that you enjoy saying?

Kunstverein NY x White Zinfandel

Documents is guest edited by a different individual or group for set duration, in the style of an online residency. Some materials have been previously published in print, other works are conceived specifically for the website.

From the beginning of May to the end of June, the Documents residency is in the hands of Ashley Rawlings, a contributing editor for White Zinfandel magazine. Published twice a year, White Zinfandel is dedicated to the visual manifestation of food and culture produced within the lives of creative individuals.

In anticipation of the third issue of White Zinfandel being titled “Food Fights,” Rawlings is inviting artists and writers to respond to chapter headings in The Anarchist Cookbook, written by William Powell in 1971 in protest against the Vietnam War. Taken out of context, many of the chapter headings become abstract and incomprehensible—potent starting points for flights of free association that appropriate, embellish, undermine or reinforce the subversiveness of the original text. You can read Rawlings’ editor’s letter here.

Contributing artists and writers: Brook Andrew, Kamrooz Aram, Alis Atwell, Joseph Bolstad, Liz Daggar & John Zuarino, Meredith Degyansky, Chris Duncan, Jason Farago, Yelena Gluzman, Nisse Greenberg, Item Idem, Baseera Khan, Mayuko Kono, Michael Lacoy, Julien Levy, Cameron Allan McKean, Aki Sasamoto, Johnny Strategy, Jo-ey Tang, Arturo Vidich, Sarah Wesseler.


Kunstverein NY is pleased to announce a new website, including an online Documents residency, and a News section intervened by poet Todd Colby.

Documents will be guest edited by a different individual or group for set duration, in the style of an online residency. Some materials will have been previously published in print, other works will be conceived specifically for the website.

THE COMPLETE FRAGMENTS, 2011, Roger van Voorhees

Poet Roger van Voorhees, inaugural resident in Documents, will add materials in sequence over the course of two months, coinciding with a series of performances and readings he has organized at New York’s Emily Harvey Foundation. Also in Documents, permanent columns include postings by Carson Salter, The Shipping Forecast by Sarah Françoise, and re-published literary and visual interventions recommended by the Kunstverein NY community.

The new Kunstverien NY website was designed by Goda Budvytyte and Simone Koller, developed by Gregory Fong, and coordinated by Carson Salter. Documents and @kunstvereinNY is curated and edited by Kunstverien NY.

More here.

15 April 2012, 2.30–5.30pm


The Work of Art in a Stored Condition: An Exhibition of the Collection of the Emily Harvey Foundation, featuring Protocols for a Coordinated Action of “Practical Aesthesis” (including Temporary Metempsychotic Exercises, Episodes of Sustained Collective Attention, and, generally, Diligent Efforts to Air a Collection Not Often Seen) presented by Individuals Having Some Knowledge of the Rites and Rituals of the Order of the Third Bird.

Members of the public are cordially invited to visit the Emily Harvey Foundation any time between the hours of 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM on Sunday April 15, for the pleasure of viewing rarely seen works from the collection. A selection of such pieces will be individually unveiled, attended on, and installed in an experimental protocol of Practical Aesthesis developed by a group exploring the methods and philosophies of sustained attention peculiar to The Order of the Third Bird. The public is encouraged to join with the experimenters in offering their generous attention to the works in question.



Eduardo Abaroa, Rita Ackermann, Gabriela Alva, Artemio, Dan Asher, Travis Boyer, Camel Collective, Alejandro Cortés, Felipe Ehrenberg, Axel Estrada, Sylvie Fleury, Dimitri Ganzlevitch, Kathryn Garcia and Gordon Flores, General Idea, Thomas Glassford, Pierre Huygue, Cisco Jiménez, Agnieszka Kurant, Adriana Lara, Alfonso Lorenzo, Eduardo Lugo, Danny McDonald, Jonas Mekas, Miguel Ángel Madrigal, Olivier Mosset, Yoshua Okón, Adolfo Patino, Aurora Pellizzi, G.T. Pellizzi, Fernanda Robinson, Betsabeé Romero, Maruch Santíz Gómez, Aki Sasamoto, Dana Sherwood, Ray Smith, Bárbara Tércia, Daniel Turner, Blue Mango Moqueca, 2010 and 2011, documents and works from Carla Stellweg’s collection. 

¡Lo Carvavalesco! examines specific relation to power, time, the sacred and the profane. Based on the possiblities offered by the ritual of Carnival, which offers temporary forms of social organization, or a suspension of everyday relations where new identities can be temporarily expressed and re-formed.

The cathartic, humorous, ritualistic and emancipatory moments of Carnival is common to the development of many societies – combining primitive energies with the most elaborate forms of visual display, ranging from the spontaneous to the sophisticated. Carnival is today usually attributed to the festivities taking place each year in Brazil, but the idea and practice of Carnival goes beyond a particular region, and can be seen as a metaphor for individual expression meeting with a collective movement.

These thematics are an opportunity for an exhibition of over 30 renown artists who have worked in Mexico, the USA, and Brazil. A new color publication will accompany the exhibition designed by graphic designer Marie Lusa, based in Zurich, Switzerland published by Mycellium Ingenium.

More here.  


15 Sept – 15 Nov 2011

PROSPECTUS NY by Ben Kinmont

PROSPECTUS is a traveling survey show initiated by Kunstverein in which a selection of Kinmont’s works from the past twenty-two years are exhibited and (re)activated.

In New York the project includes the exhibition of Kinmont’s work at the Fales library with new commissions organized by Kunstverein NY and Performa ‘11. The source material for the project includes project descriptions and archives, past curated projects, publications from the Antinomian Press, and various photographs and sculptural objects.


15 Nov 2011



AN EXHIBITION IN YOUR MOUTH, is a project by Ben Kinmont in collaboration with chef Ignacio Mattos of Isa, presenting ten artist-written recipes from 1931 to 2009. This project inserts itself in Kunstverein NY’s interest in exploring different types of audience participation and forms of authorship. organized by Kunstverein NY for Performa 11, in conjunction with the exhibition PROSPECTUS: NEW YORK, at the Fales Library, New York.


18 Nov 2011


Digger dug, Considérations éthiques poster, streets of Paris, April, 2011

Kunstverein NY and Performa 11 are pleased to announce ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN PROJECT ART PRACTICES, a presentation by cultural anthropologist Laurel George and artist Ben Kinmont.

 This project combines Kunstverein’s interest in examining conditions mediating participation and multi-disciplinary approaches to contemporary cultural practice.

ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN PROJECT ART PRACTICES is a document in constant transformation through the involvement of new participants. The evolving nature of the content of this project, and the various formats it can take published in magazines, distributed as posters, pasted in public space, or found within exhibition spaces exemplifies a new type of document of reference that is transformative by nature.

The questions around ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS addresses questions artists and cultural producers can have about interaction-based art conducted outside of the institutional space, modes of working Kinmont has practiced for over two decades.

Digger dug archive, Considérations éthiques, Kadist Foundation, Paris, 2011


24 Feb 2011


Mark Beasley reading "Check Out," by Ian Monk (OULIPO), 2010

Special reading by poet and calendar contributor Todd Colby, and a reading from an unreleased, newly translated work by Ian Monk read by artist and curator Mark Beasely with signings by Marianne Vitale and Michael Portnoy.

The event celebrates the release of two new publications: On View Worldwide for the Month of…, official Kunstverein NY calendar and Prompts by Ian Monk (OULIPO). Details…

19 Nov 2010



29–30 Sept, 2010


Alterezoni Video, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

The new workshops at the Free University of Bolzano open with a series of TABLEAUX VIVANTS, an art form somewhere between theatre and painting, motion and stillness, history and imagination.  Residing between performance and statics, tableaux vivants have become the ideal medium for art that reflects itself and its history. Amidst the rushing of today’s fast media, this art form brings the gesture, the facial expression, the clothing and the costume sharply into focus. They showcase man as doer even when he is standing still. A “conceptual social club” called The Prompt create a series of mini-universes out of minimalist and exaggerated individuals and landscapes. The night culminates with DJs and electronic music.  With Alterazioni Video, Danai Anesiadou, Pete Drungle, Gabriel Lester, Kalup Linzy, Michael Portnoy, Aki Sasamoto, and Reggie Watts.

Reggie Watts with Ieva Miseviciute, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

A common interest in Dadaism and Futuristic variety theatre was the impetus for the founding of the “conceptual social club” called THE PROMPT at the 2009 Performa Festival in New York. The group will reunite for Transart 10, presenting cabaret moments, readings, performances, screenings and musical presentations at the Hotel Grieft.  With Alterazioni Video, Danai Anesiadou, Pete Drungle, Sylvie Fleury, Gabriel Lester, Kalup Linzy, Ian Monk (OULIPO), Adam Pendelton, Falke Pisano, Michael Portnoy, Aki Sasamoto, and Reggie Watts.

Gabriel Lester with dancers, THE PROMPT for Bolzano, Italy, 2010

15–26 Sep 2010


Kathryn Garcia, Untitled, 2010 (detail)

Kunstverein NY selects three artists and collectives: artist Kathryn Garcia,  an intervention by CAMEL collective, and a film program by curator Sarvia Jasso.


28 Mar 2010


“Ballad for the Hurled.” 3-minute animation. Direction and artwork by Marianne Vitale, animation by Janelle Miau.

Kunstverein NY is pleased to present THE CLIPPER, The Marianne Vitale Experience, as part of the ongoing monthly series YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE AN HOUR AGO, guest-curated by performance artists, filmmakers, and writers, and taking place in the back space of White Slab Palace.

For THE CLIPPER, artist Marianne Vitale brings together a group of writers, performers, poets, and thinkers to encounter each other’s process on the deck of an ocean schooner in the form of a play. Vitale serves as provoker, while each invited peer develops their own character and narrative. Like the crew of a ship, each player, whether active or passive, will share stage time toward a collaborative enterprise in a negotiation of space and story-telling.

Aboard THE CLIPPER, Todd Colby captains the crew, while sea-woman Dina Seiden recites skate porn. With bulging forearms, singing sailor Michael Portnoy delivers a medley of blues, reggae, and 30’s show tunes before colliding with Somali pirate scholar Sandeep BhullerBrandon Olson will appear as a European Baroness on board a 1970’s yacht party (the wrong ship), amidst Walter Gambini intermittent updates on his mental state at sea.  Jessica Mitrani designs the figurehead of the boat, and Josh Boyer will play a clam.

Pete Drungle on piano/ electronics, Tony Lewis on drums, and Al MacDowell on electric bass, will provide THE CLIPPER’s live score.


12 Mar 2010


Early 2010


A series of performance, film, and interruption. This series works with artists as producers, inviting artists, dancers, writers and students to define new containers for programming and presenting artists work. The experiment involved a talk, a film series, and performances. The series combines the educational with the improvisational and experimental. The series include:

Artist Wafaa Bilal in conversation with writer Ashley Rawlings, curated by Arturo Vidich.

Ashley Rawlings, Wafaa Bilal, You should have been here an hour ago, 2010


A Screening of Short Films

Mel Brooks, The Critic, 1963

Kunstverein NY presents an evening of short films by a contingent of intergenerational artists, filmmakers, and directors: Mel BrooksMaliea CroyKathryn GarciaAnthony GravesTom JarmuschAndres LaracuenteDana LevyMarie LosierGuy MaddinShana Moulton,Sterling RubyJustin Swinburne, and J. Patrick Walsh. Co-organized with Natalie Labriola. The films selected for the present screening produce an alternate eye for the audience with the camera, and as such resemble gestures in Vertov’s masterpiece The Man With the Movie Camera (1929). Shifting between systems of surveillance, agency, and narrative, or even disposing of the camera-eye relationship altogether, these films create a situation where the subjects’ identities are realized through looking.


You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago… Organized by Arturo Vidich

Yves Laris Cohen, You should have been here an hour ago, 2010

To start-off the series on February 28, performance artist Arturo Vidich assumes the role of curator for an evening with Bettina Atala, Alejandro Crawford, and Yve Laris Cohen. This inaugural evening intends to reconstitute conventional narrative movements found in conversation, film, performance, poetry, and television.

14 Feb – 21 Mar 2010


A Project by Carla Herrera-Prats and Tyler Rowland

Special Events:
Sunday, February 14, 3-5pm: Flying Elisha, on Silvershed’s terrace rooftop.
Children and Valentiners welcome. Kites and warm drinks provided.
Friday, March 19th, 6:30pm:  a reading by Larissa Harris and Nate Harrison.


9 Jan 2010


Michael Smith, "Afternoon Tea," 2010

AFTERNOON TEA with Aki Sasamoto & Michael Smith

Kunstverein NY is pleased to present its new membership cards by Michael Smith, with a signing by the artist, and a conversation between Aki Sasamoto and Ashley Rawlings.


11–15 Nov 2009


Charlemagne Palestine, performance at Cíte De La Musique, Paris, 2008

When the flugelhorn blasts, you may only talk about bear’s milk.

THE PROMPT is a conceptual social club under the influence Futurist variety theater. Cues and propositions are offered each night in the form of conversation pieces, rules, performances and soundtracks, transforming this destination into a pressure cooker for ideas and intimacies.

Participating artists: Rita Ackermann, Fia Backström, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Joan Juliet Buck & Cassie Terman, Joshua Kit Clayton, Patrick Cleandenim, Dexter Sinister, Mark Dion, Sylvie Fleury, Joseph Grigely, Jamie Hook, Rashid Johnson, Gabriel Lester, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Momus & Aki Sasamoto, Patrick Meagher, Haley Mellin, Ian Monk (OULIPO), Charlemagne Palestine, Adam Pendleton, Falke Pisano, R.H. Quaytman, Jimmy Raskin, Lucy Raven, Gavin Russom, Dana Sherwood, Dina Sieden, Guy Richards Smit, Mindy Vale & Danny McDonald, Ben Vautier, Marianne Vitale, Reggie Watts, Robert Wilson, and more.

Curated by Sarina Basta and Michael Portnoy. Co-produced by Chris Martino and Mary Rinebold.

Aki Sasamoto, The Prompt, Performa 09, 2009

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