Kunstverein NY is an international platform for exhibitions, discussions, and the circulation of ideas.

By the invitation of Krist Gruijthuijsen and Maxine Kopsa, founders of Kunstverein based in Amsterdam, the New York chapter joins her sisters (Amsterdam, Aughrim, Toronto & Milan) in an open dialogue with artists, curators, writers, and theorists working world-wide.  Kunstverein NY seeks to experiment with, deconstruct, reconstruct, reduce, or expand, existing exhibition formats and contexts, creating a vital community atmosphere that reinvents individual roles within the art world.  Dedicated to fostering new strategies of display and representation, the programs are, in large part, conceived by special guests suggested by the Kunstverein NY advisory board that consists primarily of artists.

Kunstverein NY has included Sarina Basta, Victoria Campbell, Natalie Labriola, Giandomenico Pellizzi, Michael Portnoy, Mary Rinebold, and Carson Salter.